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Full Professional WAXing Services for Women, Men, Teens, and Tweens with Parent, (All Facial and Body Areas including Brazilian, Eyebrow, Bikini, etc.), Custom Facial Spa Services (including Dermaplaning & Microdermabrasion), Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Brow and Lash Tinting, and LED Light Therapy and Teeth Whitening.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is WAXing?

  • WAXing at Cactus WAX Studio is the removal of hair from the body or face, using warm, professional grade Gel WAX. It is carefully applied onto a specific area using a small wooden spatula. Once the WAX sets, firmly on the skin (in mere seconds), the skilled Technician quickly removes the WAX and the hairs with it. The WAX can then be reapplied and removed in the same way, but in the opposite direction, to remove any hairs growing in that direction.
  • At Cactus WAX Studio, we use only the most sanitary and hygienic practices.
  • Our instruments, surfaces, and beds are thoroughly sanitized between clients.
  • We NEVER double dip our wooden spatulas! You can be assured of a very high standard of hygiene and client safety.

Will WAXing make my hair grow back thicker?

  • No! In fact, quite the opposite! Regrowth will be finer every time- the more you WAX, the better!

What kind of WAX do you use?

  • At Cactus WAX Studio, we are using a brand new, technologically advanced Gel WAX by ProWax. It won’t stick to the skin, or crack like other hard waxes can. It is infused with ingredients to moisturize the skin as it is applied, and is designed to minimize redness, infection & ingrown hairs. We are excited to be using this innovative product!



How do I prepare for WAXing?

  • Clean your area well with water and a gentle cleanser before coming into the studio if possible. Avoid using lotions/talc/make up etc. which could interfere with the adhesiveness of the WAX.
  • Our skilled technicians will cleanse your area and prepare you for WAXing.
  • Avoid tight clothing/underwear if you are having a body WAX/Brazilian/Bro-zilian, as this may irritate the skin.
  • DO USE a recommended Exfoliator/Ingrown Hair Inhibitor between WAXing. The more the hair gets WAXed, the finer it becomes. This makes it difficult for the fine hairs to grow through the skin, and can become ingrown. This not only looks unsightly, but will make it difficult to remove the hairs at your next WAX session. We have the PERFECT solution for you. Stop by our front desk area to see our full range of super professional products for you to purchase.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early to check in, and complete any paperwork.
  • Please give us 24 hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment.
  • Please let us know if you are running late, and we will do our best to accommodate you, while being respectful of the next client’s appointment time

How long does my hair have to be for a WAX?

At least 1/4 inch long.

Can I get WAXed if I am pregnant?

  • Unless your doctor says otherwise, it is fine to get a WAX. If you are planning a Brazilian or Full WAX, then it is advisable give your skin time to heal properly (at least 3 days) before going into labor if possible!
    After a WAX, the skin can become a little irritated (depending on individual sensitivities), so the integrity of the skin could be compromised during labor.

Will it hurt to get WAXed?

  • Our new Gel Based WAX enables you to experience a less ouchee WAX service.
    The more you get WAXed, the finer the hair becomes- so the more often you do it, the better.
  • Some sensitive clients like to take a mild pain killer (such as Ibuprofen) before a WAX service, however, this may make you a little more prone to bruising.
  • Many women become more sensitive to pain a couple of days before, during, and after their menstrual period, so individuals might like to avoid scheduling a WAXing at this time.
  • If a female client is currently menstruating, a tampon must be worn during a Full Bikini/Brazilian WAX.

I’m on medication- can I still get a WAX?

  • Always check with your doctor if you are unsure whether a WAX service is appropriate for your condition (Such as Diabetes)
  • Cactus WAX Studio reserves the right to deny services to clients if there is evidence of (but not limited to) poor skin integrity, skin conditions, soreness, open wounds, bruising etc. where WAXing would adversely affect the integrity of the skin
  • Some medications/treatments can affect the integrity of the skin, and WAXing should be avoided. We recommend waiting a minimum of 2 weeks without these medications before getting WAXED. (Always consult with your doctor before stopping or starting any medications/treatments). These include, but are not limited to:
    • Chemotherapy
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) or glycolic products in the past 48-72 hours
    • Retin-a, Renova or Accutane (an oral form of Retin-a)?
    • Any other skin thinning products and/or drugs

How should I take care of my skin after a WAX?

  • Your Technician will advise you as to how to take care of your skin after a WAX.
  • Generally speaking try to:
    • Keep the area clean using cool water and a gentle cleanser.
    • Avoid using heavily perfumed lotions/soaps.
    • Avoid using sunbeds or going out in the sun for at least two days before and after WAXing.
    • DO USE an exfoliator/dry brush system.
    • Our fully trained Technicians will help you decide which product is best for you. Exfoliating your skin using our amazing product will not only slow growth of hair, but will allow the finer hairs to grow through the skin, avoiding ingrown hairs. This will make your next WAXing appointment less ouchee every time!
    • Remember, everybody’s skin is different- some being more sensitive than others. Some redness, minor swelling/bruising, and other minor negative reactions may occur. These usually disappear within a day or two. If you are concerned, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can support your healing process.

How often should I WAX?

  • The hair needs to be at least ¼ of an inch long (body hair) for the Gel WAX to be able to adhere to the surface of the hair (Smaller hairs such as eyebrow regrowth can be tweezed as part of the shaping process)
  • Hair growth rate is different for everybody, but generally speaking, hair grows in 4 week cycles. The goal of the first couple of WAXes is to get the hairs to grow/be removed on the same cycle. This will lessen hair growth between WAXes. So after your first WAX, you will see some hairs grow through the skin which were not on the same growth cycle as the hairs that were just removed. By the end of the 4 week period, you will see not only the new hairs, but the WAXed hairs will now have popped through. At this time, WAXing is recommended so that all hairs can be removed at one time- and are now on the same growth cycle- leaving far less random hair growth between WAXing appointments! SMOOTH!!!


When getting eyelash extensions for the first time clients routinely ask “When should I come back for a lash fill?” At Cactus WAX Studio we offer a complimentary 3 day retouch to catch any few lashes that naturally shed directly after your full set service, up to 3 days after your initial appointment.

To continue your fabulous new look, on average we recommend a refill 2-3 weeks after getting your initial eyelash extensions applied. A fill for 2-3 weeks out, takes around 60 minutes. Everyone’s shedding cycle for lashes has many different variables. A large component is how well you care for your lashes. If you are avoiding oil around your lashes, regular, gentle brushing and cleaning your eyelash extensions will allow them to last longer.



You should have 50% or more of your eyelash extensions still intact in order for it to be considered a Regular Refill. If you have lost over 50% of your lashes at this point, you will need to book a Refill Plus.

  • REFILL PLUS: $75

If you have lost 50-75% of your lashes then you will need to book a Refill Plus

  • FULL SET: Starting at $135

If you have fewer than 25% of your original eyelashes at your refill appointment it will be considered a full set. To ensure you get in when you are in need of a fill be sure to schedule your next appointment before you leave.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you need further clarification. Book online at =

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