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Full Professional WAXing Services for Women, Men, Teens, and Tweens with Parent, (All Facial and Body Areas including Brazilian, Eyebrow, Bikini, etc.), Custom Facial Spa Services (including Dermaplaning & Microdermabrasion), Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Brow and Lash Tinting, and LED Light Therapy and Teeth Whitening.


All available for purchase at

Cactus WAX Studio


Define your eyebrows with Anastasia Brow Definer, (dual triangular pencil & brush)


Choose your Color!

$8.99 Special Offer

Try Our Fresh, 100% Natural Silk Cocoon Balls, For Your Facial Cleansing/Exfoliating Needs.


Special Offer $14.95 for a Month’s Supply of 30 Balls

 (MSRP $19.95)

Our silkworm cocoons contain the natural protein Sericin that helps minimize moisture loss while providing gentle exfoliation on the skin. (It also has an added bonus of having an anti-aging properties!)

Directions: Soak ball first in warm water for 3 minutes. Use the softened ball on fingertip to gently massage face using circular movements, paying attention to areas of drier skin or blocked pores. Rinse with warm water, and pat dry. If the ball is too small to fit your finger, you can cut a small slit to widen the finger insertion point.

Our cocoons are 100% natural, and may have some impurities, aroma, or variance in color. This is normal, and no cause for concern. If you have any questions around usage, please email us on  We will be happy to advise you.


Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Eyelashes/Eyebrows


Our Special Blend of Oils Will Promote Faster Growth of Healthy, Longer, and Thicker Lashes/Brows

Yours for ONLY $6.99

ProWax Ingrown Hair Prevention Therapy



Yours for ONLY $14.95!

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

With Soothing Aloe

Fragrance Free     

Dye Free

Freshly Made on the Premises,

Using Our Own Recipe.

Let Us Whip You Up A

Fresh Batch Right Now!



                     Complimentary Essential Oil Can Be Added On Request. Choose Your Aromahhhh……

Choose Your Favorite Essential Oil(s) to Add to Your Exfoliating Aloe Sugar Scrub. Or Choose Plain and Simple Aroma Free.


Pick Your Base: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil

Pick Your Sugar: Pure White, or Raw Cane

Choose Your Aroma(s): (Essential Oils)

Peppermint Oil – stimulate/ calm mind, muscle aches, helps with seasonal allergies, boosts energy, anti-microbial, antioxidant


Sweet Orange Oil – anti-inflammatory, antidepressant/ anxiety, antibacterial, boosts immune system


Tea Tree Oil antibacterial, helps acne, anti- inflammatory, calms redness, relaxing


Lemongrass Oil – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, headaches, anti-anxiety, muscle aches, upset stomach/nausea, clarity of mind


Eucalyptus Oil – decongestant, antibacterial, joint and muscle pain, immune system booster


Lavender Oil – anti anxiety/stress, improves brain function, antioxidants, helps you sleep, restore complexion, reduces acne, relieves headaches

lavender copy

Fresh Coffee Grounds – invigorating, anti-cellulite

Techs: Recommended Mixes

  • Rest and relax – lavender 10, eucalyptus 5, lemongrass 10
  • Anti-acne – tea tree 10, lavender 10, peppermint 5
  • Mind and body boost – peppermint 10, sweet orange 10, lemongrass 10

Base Recipe: Thank you Meg for your hard work on developing this for Cactus WAX Studio

Sugar: (White or Raw Cane) I cup for Coconut Oil, or 1 Heaping Cup for Olive Oil/Safflower Oil

Aloe: 1 tablespoon

Oil: (Coconut 1/3 cup) OR (Olive ¼ Cup) OR (Safflower ¼ Cup)

Essential Oil: Drip in 25-30 Drops per Jar Total

Coffee Grounds if Requested: 2 tablespoons (experiment)

  1. Use Gloves
  2. Layout Ingredients on Paper Towel and Open up all Containers
  3. Mix Wet Ingredients in Bowl
  4. Add Dry Ingredients
  5. Put Mixture into Jar
  6. Take off Greasy Gloves
  7. Wipe all Oil etc. off Jar
  8. Lid On
  9. Tie Twine below Lid
  10. Add Spoon
  11. Place Label on
  12. Write On Base of Jar if you want to give any info (fragrance type etc)- Not on lid.
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